Monday, December 1, 2008

Everybody seems to have one! I mean, a knitting blog! So, why not me?!
So, here I am.. writing my first post on my knitting blog!
I am a sporadic knitter. I am working full-time as a Java programmer for a big database company! and, I have an year old son at home to take up all the time at home!
The only time I get to knit is when he goes to sleep in the night till my DH gets home from his work! Weekends are out of question as the men of the house will be around and they will question me if I am knitting! God! I have so many ppl and things vying for my attention!

I will start my blog with a recent FO. Its a cap for my son for this winter.

Here are the stats:

Made for: Alvin, my knottyson. ;-)

Pattern: Coronet from Knitty Winter 2003 issue

Yarn: some cheap and soft fingering weight acrylic yarn

Started: Forgot wen I started it.
Completed: Oct 30th,2008

Notes: Added a pom-pom as I wanted it to be fun to wear for a toddler.

The sad thing is he doesn't like wearing warm clothes! Luckily got him to pose for some pics! Now, for the back-pose!!


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