Thursday, January 22, 2009

Distractions in my knitter-ly life!

I learnt to crochet in the meanwhile and I am quite taken with it! The best thing about crochet is it is faster than knitting, which is good for my short attention span! So, I am gonna parade my Crochet FOs and WIPs here today! Swapna shared a few Crochet instruction booklets and motivated me to start me on crochet.My first Crochet project was a Granny Square from one of the booklets she gave me! IT came out well and my husband was quite impressed with it! Here is a pic of it..

Then, I went on to start a baby blanket for my friend's son Aditya! Its still in progress and I was distracted by other projects in between! Here is a pic of the blanket in progress:

Project details:
Pattern: Block and offset shells pattern from Harmony Guides
Yarn: Oswal Acrylic yarn in worsted weight
Hook: 4mm
Notes: The blanket has progressed far more than wat is seen in de pic! I am using 3 colors for this blanket;baby green, light yellow and baby pink!

Then I started a Fat Bottom Bag. I have completed the bag body, lined the insides and attached the handle flaps. I need to buy ready-made handles to be fixed to finish the bag! Here are a few pics of Ms. Big Bottom!

It was my first ever attempt and sewing and lining! I was lucky to get pretty decent lining material in my locality! Here is a pic of the insides of the bag:

I wish to go back to my knitting WIPs soon! I am participating in a swap organized in our South Asian Crafters Group in Ravelry! It will be my first ever swap! I am excited bout it! Wish me luck!


  1. I love the lining you have used for your bag. Nice crocheting skills!!

  2. Thanks Preeti!
    I was lucky to find the lining material in a shop close to my house!

  3. love the blankie and the bag.
    me too is excited for the swap

  4. Very nice. I am still at circles in crochet. I still don't understand how to convert it into a square (intruc. says add extra stitches at the corners.... don't get it). All your stuff is beautiful. Good luck!

  5. Bhavna,
    Are you talking about the bag? Its not crocheted in the round. Jus follow the pattern and you will end up with the bag!



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