Saturday, January 24, 2009

The one about FOs and Stash!

I finally managed to get some handles for my Ms.Big Bottom Bag. And, so I have a FO! It was an easy and exciting experience crocheting the bag! I am in love with it! I combed through most of General Bazaar today to find ready-made handles for the bag. Could only manage plastic and metal ones! The metal ones look very flimsy.So, I used the plastic ones for the bag! Here are the pics and stats:

Pattern: Fat Bottom Bag from the book Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.
Yarn: Oswal Acrylic in worsted weight
Hook: 5mm

Its my first time sewing and lining. And, I am happy with the outcome!

I will definitely make more bags outta this pattern! so, all my gal pals can watch out for this bag! (Don't gang up on me,ppl!)

As usual, my trip to General Bazaar never does any good to me ever increasing stash! Found some lovely yarn..perfect for making socks! picked 4 balls each in 4 colors! I cudn't resist! Did I tell you that my Credit Card company loves me whenever I go yarn shopping?? So,a few hundred bucks later, I came back home with this:

I call this colorway as "Bubblegum"!

This one is "Blueberry twirl"!

This one is called the "Sunshine"!

And, the last one called "More Orangeee"!

So, I am off to make some lovely socks!!


  1. love the bag.. good work
    and love the orange yarn!

  2. Thanks Mazhalai!!
    Looks like an orange bug has bitten me.. stashed some more oranges today too.. ;-)

  3. The bag looks cute....
    is the yarn completely acrylic or a mix... is it 4 ply/ baby weight yarn??? The colors look gorgeous.. thats the reason i am bugging... :-)

  4. @iaminchennai(Radhika)
    I think its acrylic mix..with nylon.. cos, its very stretchable.. colors r lovely..

  5. Lovely yarn. How much does it cost? Do let us know how the knitting experience with this yarn goes.

  6. I love the coral coloured yarn. And the bag looks lovely!!! Great work:)

  7. @Anjali

    The sateen yarn costs 55 bucks for a 50gm ball.. Its really stretchable! I am guessing its the Indian version of de sock yarn! I haven't met "real" sock yarn in real life yet.. so, I cannot make a comparison!

    Thanks Preeti for your comments!

  8. Hi, nice work, nice blog! Can u please tell me if u get this yarn in Mumbai? For nice wooden handles, u can visit Furia Stores near Malad station.


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