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WARNING: Picture-heavy post!

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My day doesn't go well if I don't spend sometime on my fiber-y pursuits! Why do I knit?! Because, it relaxes me! I can just forget about the outside world and commune with the yarn flowing between my fingers and the flying needles. When I don't mind my mind wandering and thinking just about anything or when I wanna watch TV, I pick up an easy project with mindless knit and purl. But, when I am fed up with things or when my day sucks at work and I don't wanna think about it, I pick up lace! This is so that I give my concentration to the work in hand and forget about the pressing issues that were eating me earlier. And, when I put down my work to enter the reality, I will be fresh enough to look at things in a new perspective.

I must say, I've been knitting lace a lot these days! ;-) So, I am half way across in the swallowtail shawl pattern by Evelyn A Clark. Its a lovely design and I am in awe of the lady who designed it! Such genius! so, here is a pic of the WIP:

Sawwy for the BRIGHT picture! was taken at night under white light and flash! (Obviously, I am a bad photographer!!)

Then, I got my perfect knitting tote a few weeks back when I was out shopping with a dear friend of mine.Its handmade by physically challenged people and I am a proud owner of the tote. It didn't come with any type of closures. So, I improvised and attached two pairs of magnetic clasps and to conceal the snaps at the outer side, I sewed in wooden buttons. I had these smiley shaped wooden buttons which have a single hole in them. I didn't realize the single hole when I bought them and couldn't use them on any project till now. I am glad these buttons worked out perfect for the bags. so, here are a few pics of my new improvised knitting tote!

Now, for a close-up of the smiley faces! These buttons are made of coconut shells!

I attached these magnetic clasps to make the bag more secure!

And, here is what the cute button-y smiling guys are hiding behind themselves:



  1. Jocelyn - This is a great skill in my opinion. I lack any kind of soft skills besides the work related stuff, so I admire people who got skillset in the area of music, singing, art of nay kind etc. You are a master of all trade (at least in the trades you are in)!! How did you get this skill as well as your great fluency in writing - do you read a lot?

  2. love the color of the swallowtail. cant wait to see it finished. Love the buttons and the bag. lovely touch!

  3. I really like the way you've embellished the bag with the buttons. Your Swallowtail shawl is looking lovely and I totally agree about lace being the perfect way to lose yourself in knitting!

  4. Your shawl is shaping up well. I wish I too can make a lace shawl soon.:)

  5. @Vino: thank,Vino. I do read but nothing substantial though! I actually am struggling to juggle my umpteen hobbies along with work and home!

    @ M,Preeti and Srividya: Hoping to finish the shawl soon!

  6. Josie,

    Wow, what a pretty shawl!

    The bag is so cute. You have given it the fancy upgrade. Great job!



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