Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WARNING: whiny post!

My weekend was not normal! I'd been having episodes of intermittent abdominal pain last week and was diagnosed with an inflamed appendix! I had to go in for a surgery and I got it done over the weekend! Of late, it feels like our life is between home and hospitals! :-( This is why I hate rainy seasons! It throws our entire household's health helter-skelter! My appendectomy went well and my recovery is easy as it was a laparoscopic procedure! But, the restrictions that came along with the surgery almost killed me!

I am not allowed to lift weights heavier that 3kgs for another year. That means, picking up my son is out of question! The doc said I will risk a hernia if I strain myself lifting heavy weights. I was not prepared for that! This is the worst punishment a mom could get. Sigh! I've been fending my son off every time he comes near me whining for me to pick him up! No roughhousing him! No picking him up! He is too young to understand my condition! I am stuck! God help me!!

Before I knew this, I was knitting in the hospital while recovering after the surgery. I had started a feather and fan scarf with a yarn that I won in an online contest. Lovely colorway and the pattern was so mindless, that it fit for hospital knitting! So, here I am knitting on my hospital bed with an IV line on my hand!!

Yea.. I know.. I looked too happy to be in hospital!!


  1. I haven't seen a happy face in a hospital before! Get well soon.

  2. Oh dearie! I hope you get well soon! Don't worry, before you know it, a year will fly by :)

  3. Oh! I hope you are up and about soon. You look wonderful in your photo though :) Take care!

  4. Hope you are well now...trying to see whats on your needles in the hosp..

  5. Thanks all for the wishes!
    @Radhika: Its a simple feather and fan scarf! :-) mindless and relaxing!

  6. Hospitals stays have always make me grin too - my hubby says that it's all the pain medication that makes me act silly. Get well soon, but it's heartbreaking that you can't pick up your baby for a whole year!!!

  7. Hope you feel better soon!
    Pr1ya (Ravelry)

  8. Had no idea you were in hospital Josie.!


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