Friday, December 11, 2009

Easy-peasy Baby Cardigan!

Babies are fun. There is no contesting this fact! Knitting for babies is even more fun! So, when my colleague and friend Nutan had a baby boy recently, I jumped at the chance to knit him a cardigan. Since Viru was born in July and it wasn't cold enough then to wear warm clothes, I made the cardigan in 6 months old size. Nutan says it fits Viru perfectly well! So, let me introduce the Cardigan for Viru to y'all!

It took me a week to knit this after work as I was real slow with it. This was my first time working with 2 colors and I took help from friendly Ravelers. Though it is a top-down seamless raglan cardigan, I had umpteen ends to weave in and I was procrastinating it till last week when I realized, winter is already here and I still haven't given the sweater to the wee one! here it is after blocking and before weaving in the ends.

I found very cute iron-on patches in General Bazaar here and binged on them when I went there a few weeks back! I was lucky to find a teddy-bear patch of the right color for this cardigan! I put the patch on the left front, put a cloth on top of it and pressed a hot iron on it. I was lucky that I didn't singe the yarn beneath but it worked like a charm. Here is a close-up of the patch!

I love the moss stitch collar and the edges. I think the collar gives a grown-up look to the baby cardigan! I am itching to see Viru modeling this sweater but his dear Mommy is playing lazy! Did you hear me, Nutan?? ;-)

Here are the stats of this cardigan:

Pattern: Easy baby cardigan from Knitting pure and Simple
Yarn: J.Sagar wash n wear Blended wool in Purple and Mauve
Needle: 4.5 mm circular knitting needle and DPNs.



  1. What a cute cardi and you've done such a neat job with transitioning the colors. The iron-on patch is definitely an adorable touch!


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