Monday, January 18, 2010

Stash pressure!

I think every fiber-crafter will feel this at some point of time in their crafty life! Thanks to Ravelry for opening the door to the gazillion patterns available to knit and crochet! Now, I kinda want to start a project for each yarn I have in my stash. Most of these foreign yarns are RAKs(Random Acts of Kindness) from fellow Ravelers half-way across the globe! I am having a hard time keeping myself from casting on for the umpteen patterns I have in mind for the yarns in my stash. So, to satisfy my urgency, I decided to just commune with my stash last weekend and get back to my WIPs for the moment. Its kinda worked(casting on 1 new project a week doesn't count,right??). I played with the yarn without feeling the urge to cast on every skein I touched.

The end result of this commune was a few photos of the yarn. So, here is the yarn p0rn! ;-)

I am working on quite a few things, but I am too lazy to click pics of the WIPs. ;-) will post 'em here when I do!



  1. love the purple and peach yarn!

  2. Drool-worthy yarn my friend! :) Happy knitting!

  3. Gorgeous loot, enjoy knitting with them!

  4. Yummy Yarn!for some reason I am not able to get your feeds on my bloglines.


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