Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have been Ble(i)ssed!

Yes. It is true that I have been blessed! touch wood! But, you must wonder what I mean by "Bliss-ed"! Let me tell you how I have been "Bliss-ed"!!

Image courtesy: Bliss

My handmade collection is available for sale in Bliss, a multi-designer life style store in Versova, Mumbai. 3 weeks ago,Suparna Bhavnani from Bliss contacted me about having my collection in their store, I was thrilled beyond words! God really was looking at me that day! :-) It was and is a pleasant experience to deal with Suparna and Bliss..

Bliss is the brain child of Vibe Design lab, a Visual communication design firm started by Mr. Priyal Thakker & Ms. Mallika Desai, along with friends, Pratik, Suparna & Abhay. Bliss provides a retail platform for fledgling designers(Can I call myself that?!) like me..which is an opportunity of a life time..

So, if you are a Mumbaikar or if you are going there, you can visit Bliss at the following address:

Plot No. 180, Aram Nagar 1,
Fisheries University Road,
7 Bungalows, Versova,
Andheri West, Mumbai - 61

Visit their blog here : Bliss to know more about the store.

My handmade bags,purses, pouches et al are part of their Spring-Summer collection. I hope they have a good foot fall this season and I hope it clicks for me as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that this is the start of an exciting journey for me in my crafty endeavors.

Wish me luck, my blog readers! I need a lot of it!


Josie aka knottygal!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Featured on Friday - turquioseangels!

I have been writing this blog since more than 2 year and I have almost exclusively written about my crafty escapades.. with a few glimpses of my personal life here and there. Since I became an Etsy seller, I have met so many talented crafters and thought it will be nice to write about them too. So, from now on, Fridays will have a post featuring a crafter I come across, be it online or for real. So, without much ado, I will introduce today's crafter... Drum roll, please!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.. turqouiseangels!!

Turquioseangels are a mother-daughter team specializing in tutus and screen-printed t-shirts. Here is a short interview with them:

knottygal: Tell me something about yourself and your store.
turquioseangels: We are a mother daughter team that loves fashion and creating girlie things. We run our business out of our home and tutus take over the living room and dining room. We love what we do and who get to do it

knottygal: What inspires you the most?
turquioseangels: We are inspired by the whimsical thinking and creativity of children. We work to create bright, fun clothing that will appeal to little girl’s fun fantasy world of playing dress up, and being fairy princesses. We are still kids at heart and try to create things that we would dream of wearing.

knottygal: Where do you create.. home? office? studio? ..a lil background about your work
turquioseangels: My mom has always been a fantastic artist and great seamstress.Growing up my sister and I had the best wardrobe and accessories. She then started a screen printing company in the early nineties in our small town called Turquoise Tees. We have continued our business and
love for fashion into girls clothing launching our new business Turquoise Angels this fall.

knottygal: What is the reason behind your Etsy store?
turquioseangels: Our reason behind our store is to provide all things girlie, fun,frilly and fantasy for all little angels.

knottygal: Tell us how to contact you in the worldwide web..
turquioseangels: Visit our blog :
Tweet us:
Our shop:

So readers, visit the turquioseanglels and see if you like the tutus.. :-)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am going through a clutch-y(if there is a word like that) phase.. I made a few clutches for my Etsy store.. Did I tell you that I went fabric shopping with my Hubster? He is the sweetest thing.. He accompanies me in all my craft-shopping trips and even gives me suggestions on what to and what not to buy. Thanks, Honey! So, in my recent craft-shopping trip, I bought this purple and teal paisley fabric and coordination teal fabric. I decide to make a clutch out of it and I really like the way it came out. It is available in my Etsy store if you want to buy it..

fold-over clutch - purple-teal-paisley

I love the paisley pattern in the fabric and purple is the color of the Royals. :-) Its a roomy can stash your cash,make up and cell phone and still have space for more odds and ends. The clutch has been reinforced with fusible interfacing to provide itself a firm structure.

So, after making this clutch in cotton fabrics, I wanted to make it in silk to see how it comes out. And, luckily I had taffeta silk fabric in two colors, red and beige. Gorgeous color combination, I say! So, I made the clutch in 2 versions. I just interchanged the interior and exterior fabrics to get two different clutches.

This is the one with the red exterior and beige interiors. The best thing about these clutches is that you can pair it up with either a red or a beige ensemble. They are versatile in that way. The clutches as usual have been reinforced with fusible interfacing to make them firm.

Here is the one with beige exterior and red interior. There is a cute fabric yo-yo button on the flap on the two clutches to add some detail. The clutch folds over so that the contents don't spill out of it and closes with a magnetic snap for added security.

As usual, click on the images to buy them from my Etsy store or please find the link to my Etsy store on the pane to your right to see other items from me.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have been Indiespotted!!!

Since I opened my Etsy store, I've been searching ways to promote my handmade items online. I keep up with this blog.. I twitter.. I maintain a Facebook page. And, I recently discovered Indiespotting. So, when I made my sling bags using bright Indian Batiks, I decide to submit one of them for their Mother's Day shopping guide and, guess what?! I got selected! I couldn't believe my luck!! Here is the bag which made it to Indiespotting!

I got these fabrics in a shop very close to my home and I was lucky to get these bright and cheerful Indian colors.. I love the quality of the fabrics.. They are a lil on the expensive side but, very color fast with no shrinkage. As usual, I pre-washed and ironed the fabrics before using them for my bags. Here is one in complementary colors to the one above.. I added beads to all the bags to give them the authentic Indian look! :-)

zippered travel pouch

These bags measure 9inch((22.5cms) wide and 9inch(22.5cms) deep with an 8 inch(20cm) zipper. The strap is half an inch wide with a drop of 24 inches(60cms), perfect length to sling the bag across your body. These bags make a perfect travel companions for a hands-free travel and shopping experience. Just load the bag with you cash, camera and cosmetics and you are good to go!

zippered sling bag-cross body bag

So, grab these summery and cheerful colors before they are gone! My Etsy store link is on to your right or click on the images to go buy them!! :-)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grab and go bags!

These are the newest items in my shop!They are cool, chic and very practical to carry your mobile, wallet, keys , odds and ends when you are stepping out in a hurry. They are perfect for a day out with your toddler to carry a few snacks for him/her in it.

They are the perfect project bags for a sock knitter or for a hat project. There are 2 pockets inside the bag in which you can store your craft notions and keep them from snagging the yarn.

The bags close with a magnetic snap to keep your items from spilling out.

The bags are made of 100% cotton fabric. The exterior fabric is basted onto soft cotton flannel and the interior fabric is reinforced with lightweight fusible interfacing to give the bag a cushy yet firm feel.

So, grab the grab 'n' go bags before they are gone from my Etsy store here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

What I am doing these days... working hard to make my Etsy store better. I am seeing some hardcore Etsians who are good are marketing and promoting their wares. You need to network a lot and spend equal time promoting your wares as much as you spend on making them. My story is a lil I have to scrimp on my sleep to even make my items. Having a day job and managing an Etsy store is a super-human effort, I guess. But, I am giving my best at the moment. So, I will talk about my Etsy wares here now and then. No, I haven't given up knitting. I am still at it.. :-)

I made a patchwork zippered cosmetic pouch in a blue color theme. I love how it came out in the end and I made one for myself for personal use as well. ;-) here it is:

I lined it with a fabric in the prettiest pale blue I have seen. The peacock blue color fabric in the top part of the patch work is a piece of Mangalagiri cotton. I love the vivid colors they come in. Anyways, here is a close-up of the lining:

After I listed it on Etsy, someone there asked me if I have plans to make a tote in the same design. I had a light-bulb moment there! Why not design a tote in the same design?! So, I sat and designed how I wanted the tote and came up with this:

I should say here that I am pretty stoked with the outcome and this is officially my first bag design! I ran out of the peacock blue fabric and decided to make the bag in pinks. I went to the fabric store near my house and I was lucky to find the peacock blue Mangalagiri fabric again. So, expect to find blue patch work again in my listings. ;-) I got all the pink fabrics while on my trip to Bangalore. I lined the bag and added a zippered inner pocket as I like my bags to have secure pockets inside.

The lining fabric is interfaced with heavyweight fusible interfacing. So, the tote can stand on its own. Its approx 10 inches tall and 13 inches wide at the top with a 3 inch wide base. It has 2 loops on either sides where you can hook your gadget cozy or your stole on a warm day, while you are on the go! Like this...

To see more of my work, please visit my Etsy store. The link is available to your right on this blog. :-)

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