Saturday, May 1, 2010

Featured on Friday - LilPeacock

Continuing the tradition of Featured on Friday, this week's Featured crafter is LilPeacock! She does lovely leather work. Here is a short interview with her.. Isn't the leather heart fridge magnet gorgeous??! I love the details on the horse shoe.

Knottygal: Tell us something about yourself..

LilPeacock: I live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which is on the east coast of Vancouver Island. We have the best weather in all of Canada! Never too hot, never too cold, just perfect.

I was seriously injured in a horseback riding accident in Oct 2009, it has always been my favorite pasttime, sadly I will not be returning to the saddle again and needed to find something to fill my time.

I have always loved the smell, textures, colours and varieties of leather and decided I wanted to work with it. I purchased the book, and used some of the basic ideas in it to create my own versions. It has just blossomed from there.

Knottygal: What inspires you the most?

LilPeacock: I never know what I am going to make when I am purchasing leather. I seek out interesting pieces (usually online) and when they arrive I lay them out and put my imagination to work. Leather comes in many different varieties, weights and thicknesses and my creations are dependant upon those factors.

Knottygal: Where do you create.. home? office? studio?

LilPeacock: I create from home, a little in my kitchen, a little in my living room, and sometimes outside on my patio!

Knottygal: What is the reason behind your Etsy store?

LilPeacock: I needed a specific venue to market my creations, and Etsy seemed like the perfect match for me. I'm not attracted to your typical leather-crafting, and knew I wanted to keep my designs simple, and am not interested in incorporating other fabrics etc. into my creations. So the name was easy.....*simply leather*, nothing else would do.

Knottygal: Tell us how to contact you in the worldwide web..

LilPeacock: My etsy shop:
And soon I will be investigating this thing called "twitter".

So, my dear blog readers.. Visit LilPeacock's shop and see what you like in it.. She has leather handbags, business card holders and much more..

As usual, the images are clickable!


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