Friday, April 23, 2010

Featured on Friday - turquioseangels!

I have been writing this blog since more than 2 year and I have almost exclusively written about my crafty escapades.. with a few glimpses of my personal life here and there. Since I became an Etsy seller, I have met so many talented crafters and thought it will be nice to write about them too. So, from now on, Fridays will have a post featuring a crafter I come across, be it online or for real. So, without much ado, I will introduce today's crafter... Drum roll, please!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.. turqouiseangels!!

Turquioseangels are a mother-daughter team specializing in tutus and screen-printed t-shirts. Here is a short interview with them:

knottygal: Tell me something about yourself and your store.
turquioseangels: We are a mother daughter team that loves fashion and creating girlie things. We run our business out of our home and tutus take over the living room and dining room. We love what we do and who get to do it

knottygal: What inspires you the most?
turquioseangels: We are inspired by the whimsical thinking and creativity of children. We work to create bright, fun clothing that will appeal to little girl’s fun fantasy world of playing dress up, and being fairy princesses. We are still kids at heart and try to create things that we would dream of wearing.

knottygal: Where do you create.. home? office? studio? ..a lil background about your work
turquioseangels: My mom has always been a fantastic artist and great seamstress.Growing up my sister and I had the best wardrobe and accessories. She then started a screen printing company in the early nineties in our small town called Turquoise Tees. We have continued our business and
love for fashion into girls clothing launching our new business Turquoise Angels this fall.

knottygal: What is the reason behind your Etsy store?
turquioseangels: Our reason behind our store is to provide all things girlie, fun,frilly and fantasy for all little angels.

knottygal: Tell us how to contact you in the worldwide web..
turquioseangels: Visit our blog :
Tweet us:
Our shop:

So readers, visit the turquioseanglels and see if you like the tutus.. :-)



  1. Thank you so much! I would also like to add we are proud members of these great teams on etsy.
    Give them a look. They are very helpful and supportive groups

  2. nice get to know the women behind the shop. the link to there blog did not work. Thought you would like to know.

  3. Thanks Glenda.. for bringing it to my notice.
    It was my mistake. I made a typo in the URL. :-( bag blogger!!


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