Friday, April 2, 2010

What I am doing these days... working hard to make my Etsy store better. I am seeing some hardcore Etsians who are good are marketing and promoting their wares. You need to network a lot and spend equal time promoting your wares as much as you spend on making them. My story is a lil I have to scrimp on my sleep to even make my items. Having a day job and managing an Etsy store is a super-human effort, I guess. But, I am giving my best at the moment. So, I will talk about my Etsy wares here now and then. No, I haven't given up knitting. I am still at it.. :-)

I made a patchwork zippered cosmetic pouch in a blue color theme. I love how it came out in the end and I made one for myself for personal use as well. ;-) here it is:

I lined it with a fabric in the prettiest pale blue I have seen. The peacock blue color fabric in the top part of the patch work is a piece of Mangalagiri cotton. I love the vivid colors they come in. Anyways, here is a close-up of the lining:

After I listed it on Etsy, someone there asked me if I have plans to make a tote in the same design. I had a light-bulb moment there! Why not design a tote in the same design?! So, I sat and designed how I wanted the tote and came up with this:

I should say here that I am pretty stoked with the outcome and this is officially my first bag design! I ran out of the peacock blue fabric and decided to make the bag in pinks. I went to the fabric store near my house and I was lucky to find the peacock blue Mangalagiri fabric again. So, expect to find blue patch work again in my listings. ;-) I got all the pink fabrics while on my trip to Bangalore. I lined the bag and added a zippered inner pocket as I like my bags to have secure pockets inside.

The lining fabric is interfaced with heavyweight fusible interfacing. So, the tote can stand on its own. Its approx 10 inches tall and 13 inches wide at the top with a 3 inch wide base. It has 2 loops on either sides where you can hook your gadget cozy or your stole on a warm day, while you are on the go! Like this...

To see more of my work, please visit my Etsy store. The link is available to your right on this blog. :-)



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