Saturday, May 8, 2010

Featured on Friday - joyoustreasures

This was very hectic for me.. Too much work at my day job leaving me with no energy to work on anything crafty..but, I designed a zippered pouch in the itsy-bitsy time I got..and, I am totally stoked by it. I have made the prototype and, I am lovin' it! will post more on that pouch later.. Anyways, since its Friday today, lets check out this week's featured crafter.. Since I am a fiber-crafter too, I was glad I found joyoustreasures on Etsy.. She makes awesome crocheted bookmarks.. If you are an avid reader, you should check out her shop.. Here is a short interview with her..

knottygal:Tell me something about yourself and your store.
joyoustreasures:Currently I live at home with my parents and younger siblings. I have always been a crafty sort of person, and learned to crochet when I was about 14. I fell in love with it, and eventually began creating my own patterns with fine thread.
I also play the piano, and am a local photographer.

knottygal: What inspires you the most? what is your favorite color and fiber to work with?
joyoustreasures:I love nature, so that is my greatest inspiration. I love flowers especially, and many of my creations reflect that.
I tend to like earthy colors the most, thought I don't really have a favorite color, (that changes from time to time!) I like to work with a variety of colors. I do find that most flowers are in more feminine colors such as purples and pinks, but I'm trying to come up with more variety!
As far as personal taste goes though, I tend to lean toward earthy colors, such as burgundy, and my room is decorated with chocolate browns.
I have found cotton to be my favorite fiber for my fine thread creations. For larger yarn projects I like silky or suede yarns.

knottygal: Where do you create.. home? office? studio? ..a lil background about your work.
joyoustreasures:I work at home. My room is generally my all purpose studio, but since my work is also portable, I often sit on the couch to crochet.
I have little plastic drawers in my closet I put my finished projects in, so they are nicely organized and easy to find when I need to ship them.
I have a little cardboard shelf to put thread I'm not using. I also keep the threads and tools I'm working with in a backpack and carry it with me...very handy!

knottygal: What is the reason behind your Etsy store?
joyoustreasures:To be honest my craft was getting expensive. I realized that I couldn't keep buying more supplies and continue to create without making some money.
So shortly after I discovered Etsy, I opened a shop to sell. Since then, it has grown into a small business that provides me with a little extra spending money.
The most important thing to me however, is that I share my creations with the world. I love that there are people everywhere marking their books with my own handmade bookmarks.

knottygal:Tell us how to contact you in the worldwide web..

Etsy- joyoustreasures



Facebook Joyous-Treasures

The image is clickable and will take you to the Etsy listing.. Please visit her shop and see what you would like to buy.. She has awesomely cute and colorful bookmarks! Will make great gifts for your reader friends and relatives!!


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