Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to make a small bag look smaller??

Ohk.. The answer to the question on the post title is at the end of this post.

Don't you hate it when your day job sucks the energy out of you..leaving you unproductive at your hobby?!? The past two weeks at my day job was HECTIC beyond reason.. Its starting to lull down a bit now and I can breathe easily again.. I have a week-long vacation coming up at the end of this month..and, I am looking forward to it.. I so wish I could take my sewing machine along.. My Hubster will probably commit me to a mental asylum if I do that! so, knitting it will be.. It has been a long time since I knitted anything. So, I think my fingers will thank me for the exercise. I am planning to finish this:

I started this ages ago and its mindless stockinette stitch.. works perfect for vacations! It has a funny story attached with it.. I asked my dear Hubster to guess what it is.. and he looks at it and says.. "..hmmm.. a skirt?!?!" I burst out laughing.. What do you think it is? Leave your guess in the comment..

So, what is new in my Etsy shop? I added 2 box bags and a small handbag to my shop. I have the fabric cut and interfaced for 3 more bags..but, if only God will give me an extra 6 hours everyday, I will make them into bags in a day! ;-) Here is what is new in my shop... I got this pink fabric in Bangalore and I really wish I was living there.. I know.. fabric and yarn shops sway my opinion on places I want to live! ;-)

box bag - knitting project bag

box bag - WIP project bag

and, here is the petite handbag modeled by yours truly!

ANSWER: Use a BIG person to model the bag!! The bag does look really small against me, doesn't it?!? rofl.. gotta find a petite model.. anyone up for it?? Let me know!



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