Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back from hibernation!!

Hi guys.. I am back from hibernation.. and, I am slowly getting back to my craftiness..or you can say.. I am limping my way back to craftiness.. I took out my sewing machine after what feels like ages yesterday.. it just sat on my dining table for the night and went back to its closet when I started for my work,today morning. No stitching for the past 3 weeks! and, its not doing any good for my Etsy shop. I had been working myself to exhaustion prior to the break and I needed the break. So, after a week long trip to our hometown, we are back to HYD and I am trying to find my crafty bone.

During this break, I took up knitting again..Boy! does it feel good to be knitting!! I finished my stockinette therapy shawl..aka melody shawl. It came out as a VERY LONG shawl. but, I am ok with it..I need the extra length to wrap it around myself.. here are a few pics of it..

My bed wouldn't fit the shawl to be blocked on, I loosely blocked it on my clothesline..and, I am happy with the results..The fringes are made by steeking.. it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be..Here is a picture of the fringes before steeking and after:

a close-up of the fringes after steeking and pre-blocking:

As if all the yarn snipping was not enough with the fringe-steeking, I snipped off two stitches in the shawl while trimming excess yarn..I was cursing myself for being such a clutz! A few drops of fevicol later, the stitches were secured without any damage to the shawl.. Thank God for quick-drying fevicol! Phew! that was a close call.

The trip to our hometown was very eventful.. On the way to NGL, the train from HYD was delayed by more than 5hrs even before it started. And, the travel time of the train was also delayed by 4 hrs. So, instead of starting at 4:45pm Friday evening, it started 11pm Friday evening and, instead of reaching the destination by 6am Satruday morning, it reached by 3pm Saturday afternoon! I am glad I had my knitting with me.. I had decided on a travel project and took the yarn and needles along with me. God! It saved my sanity during the delays. I cast on for the Scrappy Lengthwise scarf on the train from HYD to CHN. Its my first time casting on on a train! I will put up a picture once I get it clicked..

I am also working on a Cedar leaf shawlette..the pattern was gifted to me by a fellow Raveler as a part of the UFO warriors challenge in the SAARC group that I am part of, in Ravelry. Its a lovely pattern and has lotsa stockinette stitch.. do you see a pattern here? I am falling for patterns with more stockinette stitch. I am officially in love with stockinette stitch. I have to search for my camera as I have loadsa items waiting for be photographed. I promise, my next post will have more eye candy than this..

Till then.. Ciao!

-Josie aka knottygal


  1. Welcome back!!!Hope to see lots of exciting new stuff in your Etsy store..

  2. welcome back Josie! looking forward to lots of lovely stuff from you:)

  3. Hi Josie, you have a fabulous blog. This is a very beautiful shawl that you have knitted.

    * I understand your need for a new blog name. May I ask you how you were able to upload the feed from your previous blog to the new one? I've been interested in doing something similar. My email address is in my profile if you don't mind explaining. Thank you so much!

    Happy Crafting,


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