Sunday, June 20, 2010

What better way to celebrate the birthday!!

What better way for a knitter to celebrate her birthday than to unpin a lovely shawlette from blocking and to admire its beauty. And, thats what happened today! I got the pattern for Cedar leaf shawlette from Desiree as a prize in the UFO warriors challenge in the SAARC group I am part of in Ravelry. The yarn was a RAK from Bebere back in October 2009. I feel this shawlette is a perfect culmination of yarn and pattern.

With this yarn, I started knucks, a basic gloves pattern available from but, after making five fingers and gusset of one hand, I left the project languishing in the UFO pile. When I got this pattern as a prize, I decided the yarn should become a cedar leaf shawlette and I had two skeins of it, thanks to the kindness of Bebere.

 The leaves are addictive to knit. The body of the shawl is knitted in one uses short rows for the crescent shape. Then the leaves are knitted-on to the curved edge. The shawlette grew by leaps and bounds after blocking. The pre-blocking size was: 78 inches long, 9 inches deep and the post-blocking size is: 92 inches long, 11 inches deep. Here it is on me..

Since I like taking goofy pictures, I setup a prop on the table and shot the shawlette in different angles. Here is the outcome of my photo session:

The prop is a set of three porcelain storage jars labeled Tea, Coffee and Sugar. We got this as a wedding gift and I haven't used it even once. It doesn't make sense to use breakable item when there is an active toddler tornado in the house everyday.

Here is the project page in Ravelry: Knottygal's Cedar Leaf Shawlette

So, today on my birthday.. I got up early, went to church with my family, came back, unpinned this shawlette from where it was blocking since last night, wrapped myself around with it and took photos to my heart's content.. I am still wearing the shawlette as I write this post. Its almost time for us to go out for a family lunch... So far, so good! Hope you are having a nice day too..



  1. Hi knottygal - following your blog now (saw your post on the Etsy forums) - Happy birthday!

  2. to c ur blog from ravelry....fantabulous collection of projects.....du u mind sharing with me the fat bottom bag pattern......i tried to undrstand bt just nt able to start....i hop i wil get excellent advice frm u.
    n du visit my blog wen u get time :)

  3. dear....saw ur posts from ravelry...
    u hv indeed gt a beautiful collection of stuff here... looking forward to sm expert advice from u in te near future :)

    do hv a visit to my blog wen u get time :)



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