Monday, September 6, 2010

Are you lost in transit?!

What with the cryptic post title,huh?! ;-) Lost in transit is the name of the scarf I have designed recently. Its my second only design and I am thrilled by it. After a month of test-knitting, its been released for sale. The design came about on a boring day at work when I was playing with a graph paper and a pencil. Thank God for online printable graph papers! Here are some pictures of the scarf for your pleasure.

As I said in my earlier post, the weather has been gloomy and depressing here in Hyderabad with no sunshine for a nice photo shoot. But, I finally got my photo-shoot done yesterday with a sliver of sunshine saving my day. The photos were taken at the landscaping at my office.I've been hunting for a nice locale to get my pictures taken when this garden was there right in front of me everyday. So, I was at my office over the weekend taking pictures to my heart's content.

It was threatening to rain all through the photo shoot but, I got lucky with these shots. My hubster chauffeured me to the office and Alvin tagged along too. They were extremely patient while I clicked away to glory. ;-)

and, here is how the scarf looks on a 'hoomin'! (Can you tell that I am reading too much icanhazcheezburger?!)

Just because I couldn't get enough snaps, here is one of the scarf on a rock! and, as described..its a perfect workhorse scarf..looks casual for everyday wear to work..and chic enough to wear on a day out. I love symmetry in everything and I love the way the diagonal lines lie symmetrical in the finished scarf.

I hope you all like the scarf. Click the images if you want to purchase the pattern. Its is only the pattern PDF that is available for sale for USD 3.50 and not the finished scarf. Click on the images to purchase the pattern or look to your right on this page.I have put a permanent link and button to purchase the pattern. I hope to be back with another post soon.. till then, take care all of you!



  1. Nice one.. your blog, works and work-life-etsy management is awe-inspiring. Hats off!

  2. Great design. I really like how you used nature to take all your pictures :)

  3. what a pretty scarf! and nice photo shoot for it as well:)


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