Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!

So, here comes my first post in the year 2011. Hope you all had a lovely holiday season. We had one. A relaxing 10-day break at our parents' and in-laws' place. This Christmas season was extra special,thanks to an one month-old Alsatian pup at my in-laws' place.. She is the cutest fluffball I've seen in a long time. Likes to play games with us chasing our shoes..while we walk.

We had a tough time picking a name for her and in the end decided to name her Buffy. She loves to eat and sleep and hates it when we leave her in her box. Alvin loved playing with her.. Here she is all sleepy and tired after playing with us.

On the crafty side, I took my Montego Bay scarf as my vacation knitting project. A mindless knitting project in Mmmmalabrigo yarn.. I even got time to work on it and its halfway done. Sadly, I do not have progress pictures of it to show you. I guess it will hibernate now till my next vacation. And, remember the handmade items that me and my Hubster were supposed to exchange as Christmas gifts.. Well.. he slacked and bought me a hand bag from my favorite brand and told me "consider this bag as 'Hand-brought',pls"  sigh

I made a quilled card for him as quilling is now the in-thing in my crafty life. ;-) Its my first time making a card. I don't think the yellow paper I used is card stock because I wasn't thrilled with it. But, I really liked the way the card came out; although,I think its too girly for my Hubster's tastes. :D Here is a picture of it to show the close-up.

I used my shiny new craft scissors to cut the edges of the yellow paper and you can see how ragged the lower edge is. :D Well, Lets call the crooked edge a 'design element' and leave it at that,shall we? I'm really enjoying the paper quilling although I do not get much time these days to spend on my hobbies. sigh I left this card inside his wardrobe where one can see it as soon as its door is opened. and, guess what?! It took him 2 days to spot the card and thank me for it.. Men!! Can't live with them, Can't live without them!! ;-)

Remember the my first attempts at quilling here?? I stuck the flowers and leaves on a piece of card stock and it now residing at my desk at work. I love to see the flowers at my desk.. It reminds me of who I really am. Although I hold a full time job, I find the real 'me' in my hobbies and this card sitting at my desk reminds me of who I am and what I love.. Here is a picture of it a stuck to my cabin wall.

Now that we are back from vacation, the routine life has started. It was a welcome break for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary too which fell on Dec 28th. We realized how fast the time has flown and the day made us realize how much we should be thankful for..

So, how was ur Holiday season and how did you ring in the New year? I did not make any specific ones although I made a blanket resolution for all the departments in my life that I will  strive to do better than the last year and find ways to improve myself whenever possible. I know it sounds vague..but, that is what is my resolution is. Share with me in the comments if you made any resolutions.

Hearty wishes for a blessed and prosperous year 2011 to all my readers!


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