Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scarf overload!

I am on a scarf knitting spree..and, my closet is overflowing with knitted scarves. The recent one I finished is a simple feather and fan lace scarf also called as Old Shale scarf. Remember the yarn I got as a Christmas gift from Cathy.. I couldn't resist knitting with it..so, I cast on for this scarf as soon as I got back from my Christmas vacation and finally finished it two days back.. The yarn is Madeline Tosh merino light in a colorway called Lichen. I love the colors in it.

It is a mindless pattern and a perfect T.V. knitting material although, I must say that I do not get much T.V. time, thanks to the preschooler in my home. The scarf did look like lichen when it was unblocked. For my non-yarny friends, let me explain blocking in a few words. Blocking is a process of soaking the knitted or crocheted item in water for some time and then letting it dry flat in the shape required. Blocking helps the natural fibers keep the shape its blocked in, evens out the stitches and improves the drape of the finished object(FO). So, if you don't believe the change blocking brings about to an FO, here is visible proof of it.. Here is the "Before" shot of the scarf looking as if a dead wood gathered moss and lichen on it..

And, for the gratuitous "After" shot.. Ta da!

A picture is worth a thousand words,eh?! Blocking really opened up the stitches and the lace. The scarf grew by 10 inches in length after blocking. Yarn Harlot has an excellent tutorial on blocking, for the uninitiated. I am more of a process knitter than a product knitter and blocking is a process I enjoy the most in lace knitting. Its like a fairy tale of the ugly duckling turning into a swan.. And since I like the look of lace against the light , here is a shot of the scarf against the light. And, that's the view from my balcony two days back.

Here are the stats:
Pattern: Old Shale Scarf by Tienne
Yarn: Madeline Tosh merino light; 1 skein
Needle: 4mm
Started: January 5 2011
Completed: January 29 2011
Raveled here: Lichen on Shale!

Incidentally, this scarf is my first knitted FO in year 2011. I hope this is a good start  for a year filled with crafts and hobbies.

Peace and love,

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