Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yarn P0rn!

Its not a secret that I live in India and it is known for its acrylic yarn. I would've been a content knitter knitting with the scratchy acrylic yarn that is available in abundance here, but for Ravelry. Ravelry opened the door to the wonderful world of exotic yarns and fiber. When I see the beautiful yarns that are available in yarny countries, I wish I wasn't living in the yarn-starved India. Anyways, yarn will not be a valid argument if I were to convince the Hubster to move out of this country. ;-) Oh.. don't get me wrong. I do not want to leave this country.. not even for yarn. ;-) I am content with buying yarn online and depending on the fragile postal system to deliver it to me at my doorstep and thankful for the occasional kindness from a fellow-Raveler who might send me some yarn my way. Did you notice the title of this post?!? You must be wondering where is the yarn p0rn.. So, without much ado, let me share my recent yarn purchase of NORO KUREYON!

8 skeins of gorgeous colors.. I've always been fascinated by the colors in Noro yarns and when I saw Sue de-stashing some Noro on Ravelry, I had to have some of it. I bought 4 skeins each in 2 colorways. You  might wonder why I am head over heel about Noro. Its mainly because I never thought I will get to meet this yarn in person. I like the 'rustic' look of it and the colors are to dye die for.. Here is one bunch of 'em..

Have you seen the Noro striped scarf by Jared Flood?! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and now I have a chance to knit it. I am excited about how my scarf will turn out. I am resisting casting on this scarf till I finish my Aase's shawl which is in the final stages. I hope to get it completed by this week.

                                                   Image © Jared Flood

Here is the second colorway. I hope the two colorways complement each other in the scarf. I think that is the beauty of the yarn. The unexpectedness of the color changes will make you feel like you are on a treasure hunt.. ;-) The yarn does feel rough as mentioned by many. But, I think I can live with it. :-)

It is worth noting that I bought this yarn in July 2010 and I finally met it yesterday. For the curious cats who are wondering why the delay, I shipped it to a dear friend in the US and he brought it for me into India during his recent visit. Thank you, Lancie for the help. So, I waited 6 months to meet this yarn and hence you must understand why I am this excited about this yarn.  Even my Hubster thinks that I have gone bonkers seeing the way I was gushing over the yarn. Don't the colors look cheerful to you?! I am thinking of making the below picture my desktop background. Good idea?! 

So, what is your most recent yarn purchase that you are tickled about? Share with me in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


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