Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sewing for knitting!

After a month long hiatus, I went back to sewing this week and made a drawstring project bag. Its always fun to make your hobbies work for each other. That's why I called this sewing for knitting. The bag was inspired by quite a few project bags I saw online.. I read a few tutorials and decided to make one on my own.. and, here it is..

The lower half of the exterior is a re-purposed corduroy pants of mine which used to fit me many moons ago. I've been hanging onto the pants hoping for a miracle to make me shrink back to size 32. ;-) A quick reality check made me decide to up-cycle the pants and use it to make something else. The top half of the exterior is printed linen which was a bit pricey. I've had this fabric for almost a year now , unable to bring myself to cut into it.. So, finally the twain met and became this bag.. Here is a close-up of the fabrics..

The bag is huge.. almost 15 inches tall and can easily cart a sweater knitting project. The best part of making this bag is that I did not 'follow' any tutorial. I did not measure and cut the fabric beforehand. I used a dinner plate as a reference for the base circle and designed the bag from there.. I put pockets all around the insides and reinforced the base circle of the lining with heavy-duty interfacing to give the bag a sturdy base. Here is a close-up of the insides..

I put in buttonholes to insert the string and used some leftover trim I had for the drawstring. I think all the fabrics have come together beautifully in the end... Now, all I need is a huge project to tote around in this bag. And, guess what is on the bag now?!

Yes!! Ravelry buttons! I finally gave in and ordered a pack for myself.. I was thrilled to get the package in a week's time.. I think the buttons look perfect on the bag.. I can't wait to show off this bag to my RavFriends at the next Ravelry meet. ;-) and now, for a close-up of the buttons..

I am enjoying these productive days in my crafty life, happy to find time in my busy schedule.. I am participating in the Bag-Join-Along that is happening in the SAARC group on Ravelry. I plan to make the Summer Sling Tote and finish the Drops Cabled bag that has been languishing in the WIP pool for quite sometime now as a part of the Join-Along.

I am also participating in the 2nd Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week that is happening in between 28th March to 3rd April,2011. The knit and crochet bloggers across the world blog on all 7 days of that week on the topic of the day that has been chosen. This is my first time participating in such an event and I hope to do the event justice.. So, these are my crafty plans for the near future.. What are yours? Leave a comment and let me know.


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