Friday, April 8, 2011

Bling is the word!

After my confession of my obsession with bling, it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at making some knitter's jewelry. Yes. Stitch markers!! I have always been fascinated by these little notions every time I see them in an Etsy store. I the stitch markers that Sarah makes. You can find them in her Etsy shop, Exchanging Fire. I've been ogling them since the time I found her shop.  You've got to check out her shop if you are into buying glorious bling for knitting and crochet. In fact, she is my inspiration to make these stitch markers.

So, I decided I want to make stitch markers and  I went to this store called Itsy-Bitsy here in Bangalore and bought myself some jewelry and beading supplies. The store is a heaven for a craft fiend like me. They stock scrap booking, quilling and beading supplies. Sadly, they don't stock fabric and yarn. sad face  So, I came back with some quilling supplies and my first set of beading supplies. The kits available were pretty expensive for my budget. So, I just bought some assorted pliers, beads and findings. I wish they had an assorted bead section as well where in you can pick the beads you want, weigh them and pay for that. I was not thrilled with buying 30gms in each type of bead I wanted. So, in the end..I bought two kinds of glass beads and here is the loot.

In fact, this is the remaining loot after my stitch-marker making session. I love the pear-shaped green ones and they were my first choice. I really.really wish we could buy assorted beads of our choice. Then , I will buy 2 each in every kind that is available in the store.

So, I went to work with these and after a few hours, I got richer by 10 stitch markers.. I made both knitting and crochet stitch markers and realized that I enjoyed working with beads and strings. So, I am just going to stop talking now and just share the eye candy from my first ever beading escapade.

I made six markers with the pear-shaped beads and four with the spherical ones.

I am not very thrilled with the knitting stitch markers especially the left-most one in the picture above. Its very evident that my wire-wrapping skills need great practice. But, I think I've made a good start here. Now, I just need to buy a few extra hours for my days to add beading to my LOOOOONG list of hobbies. Can someone tell me where I can buy those hours?! ;-)

Of course, I referred to some online tutorials to help me. Here are a few links I referred in case you too want to make some of yours. shinycrafts-stitch-markers and sheepinthecity-stitch-markers I did not follow them exactly but, I referred to them heavily for making mine.

Tell me what your most recent hobby is or the craft you learnt most recently.. I would love to hear from you.


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