Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Although my Wednesday is almost coming to an end, let me write a WIP Wednesday post for the first time and I have a perfect WIP to share with you all. I started this WIP only yesterday. Its a bag made out of a giant granny square.. I am making the bag out of the remaining Noro Kureyon from my stash. I am already sad that I am finishing them up so soon. Here is the progress so far..

This pattern is fully charted and its my first time deciphering a charted crochet pattern. Of course, I needed some hand-holding and my good friend Vimala helped me overcome my initial confusion with the charts. Thank you, Vims for the help. I've got the rhythm now and I am crocheting the granny square without referring to the chart. Yayyy me! I hope my over-confidence doesn't prove to be my undoing..

Once again, I am mesmerized by the color changes in Noro. I wish I had a lifetime supply of just Noro. ;-) I have another crochet bag WIP going on and both of these are part of the Bag -along in the SAARC group in Ravelry. Its the Summer Sling tote and I've finished both the sides and made the straps once and frogged it already as it was too long for my taste. After frogging too many stitches, I lost my mojo of finishing the bag and put it on timeout. And then, I got waylaid by this Noro Kureyon calling out to me from my stash. Noro is ebil, I tells ya! The rest is history, as they say! Here is one side of the poor Summer Sling Tote.. I hope to finish the bag before the Summer is over!

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