Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easy to make fridge magnets!

My RavFriends and I went on a shopping trip to the crafty by-lanes of Bangalore last weekend. It was a fun trip and all of us stocked up on craft supplies that we did and did not need. ;-) I got myself a shiny new glue-gun in this trip and I had to take it for a test-drive. I searched for ideas online to make use of the glue-gun and the idea to make fridge magnets struck me. I remembered seeing a tutorial for fabric flowers which I thought will make good fridge magnets. Thus came the fridge-magnets aka fridgies into my home.

I followed this tutorial to make the fabric flowers. There are many more tutorials to make flowers on her blog. But, I chose this one. Thank you, Rupi for leading me to this tutorial. I rummaged through my button jar to find the right buttons for the flowers. Once the flowers were made, I got out my glue-gun and stuck flat magnets (you will get this in craft stores.) behind the flowers. Fridgies are done! Here is a shot of the magnets stuck to the flowers.

Now, make your TO-DO list and stick it on your fridge or your workstation to remind you of what you need to do. Here is my list on my fridge.

I am planning to take these to work to liven up my desk. These are easy to make and I finished them in no time. Now, I want to sit all day at home making these flowers . ;-) These are addictive , I tells ya!  I got these magnets too during the shopping trip and I wish I had bought more than the dozen I bought. I got some yarn too. Of course, its acrylic but in beautiful variegated colors. Here is my loot. The yarn is Vardhman acrylic in fingering weight.

Do you have any suggestions for patterns that work well with variegated yarns? I've had tough luck with variegated yarns but, I still buy them. Maybe I will use them for decorative purposes as they look gorgeous in the skein. What do you say?


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