Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life updates!

Life has become very hectic for us all of a sudden. Weekdays are busy as usual with our day jobs and school/day-care for Alvin. Weekends are spent entertaining or visiting friends and family. Sometimes, the house feels like a nut-house and sometimes, it feels like heaven. I wish I had a self-cleaning house. How nice would that be?! I am craving for a lazy weekend with someone to cook and clean for me.. sigh OK. This is not a whiny post. I promise. In between this madness, we went to our home-town for the Easter Vacation. It was a short and hectic trip as we had a wedding to attend. Here are a few snaps from our vacation.

This pink gladiolus is from my in-laws' garden. My Father-in-law has become an avid gardener after retiring. So, this spring, we got to see many plants in full bloom. There was a white gladiolus in bloom too. But, sadly, the stem of the flowers broke in half after heavy-rains. Then, we met Buffy after a few months. You remember her from here? She has grown a lot and has become very mischievous. Alvin enjoyed playing with her. Here they are..getting reacquainted.

Here she is playing under a jack-fruit tree. She has grown tall and likes to jump at everyone expecting a belly-rub all the time. ;-)

Just to remind you of the cuteness she was when she was a puppy.. here is Buffy earlier this year. What a change in her,isn't it?! She is still cute,though.

On the crafty side, I am so close to finishing my summer sling tote. I've made the lining for the bag and now, all I need to do is assemble the bag. I hope to do it today, if I find some time after work. I started Different Lines by Veera Välimäki Its an addictive pattern and I am having trouble putting it down. I am yet to click pics of the WIP. I will share it with y'all when I do. So, tell me what you are working on these days?


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