Friday, May 6, 2011

On the bookshelf!

As a craft fiend with a love for books, its only natural that I collect books on my hobbies. Boy! do I collect books?! My latest acquisition is the first and second volumes of the Barbara Walker Treasuries. I am yet to explore the books fully but, I recognized many lace stitch patterns from it at the first glance. I've heard so much about the Walker Treasuries that I jumped at the chance to buy it from Sue when she was de-stashing it. My only beef about the Treasuries is that the pictures are in black & white. :-( But, this will not stop me from referring to them. So, I got thinking about the craft books on my bookshelf  and decided to share a sneak peak at my book collection with you. Here is my entire knitting book collection..

Out of this, my most treasured one is the one in the left. It's the Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley. It's a treasure trove of information. I can look up almost all the techniques in knitting in this book. I recommend this to knitters in any level of proficiency and I got this for a steal @ Himalaya Book World in Hyderabad. I love the Harmony Guides Stitchionaries too. Great collection with great pictures for reference.

When I started knitting, I was enthralled by the Lady Eleanor stole that I saw on Ravelry and I had to buy the book Scarf Style which had the pattern in it. And, no. I haven't made the stole yet. Nor do I think I will ever knit one. But, I still cling to this book, thumbing through it now and then. This made me realize that I prefer e-patterns as I can buy them one at a time and that too only on a need-to-knit basis. This book has quite a few lovely patterns but, very few are my style. So, I ended up not knitting anything from this book. I learnt the lesson of not buying an entire book of patterns just to use one of them. :-) Here is a shot of the Lady Eleanor stole that prompted the impulse buy.

I learnt knitting from an instructor but, I learnt crochet on my own. I tried learning crochet via videos but, I can say I really learnt the craft with the help of this book that Swapna(MrsFife) sent me as a RAK. I asked her if she had any resources for learning crochet as I wasn't able to get a hang of it through videos and she happily sent me a few crochet books including a beginner's guide to crochet. Its easy for a novice to learn crochet from it. Thank you Swapna for the RAK once again. I can definitely say that I am crocheting now because of your kindness. Here is the book that helped me learn the craft.

My first crochet project was a granny square and I am still proud of it. :D I followed the instructions given in the book and it came out pretty nice.

Here is the granny square I made. I didn't do anything with the square and it remains a single and lonely granny till date. :D

I would like to talk about the quilting ,sewing and other craft books I have. But, I will save that for another post. So, you tell me what is your favorite knitting or crochet book? Although e-patterns are ruling the roost these days, nothing can beat the charm of a nicely compiled book of patterns or a reference book. Don't you agree? Maybe I am just old-school! ;-)


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