Friday, May 20, 2011

Wrangler for a Samsung!

What do you do when your guy gets a cool gadget with a boring cozy with it?! You make a cool cozy for the gadget and force your guy to use it! That's what you do!! :D My Hubster got a new cellphone recently and it came with a BORING cozy with Samsung monogrammed on it. Its functional and boring. So, I decided to make a cellphone cozy with a personality. ;-) Here is the boring couple.

I was brain-storming ideas for what material to use for the cellphone cozy and I had a 'light-bulb' moment. What better fabric than denim to use for a guy to lives out of his jeans?! and, me being myself, I decided to recycle his worn-out jeans' pockets to make the cozy. I used his old and worn-out Wranglers that he had discarded and harvested the back pockets from the jeans. (Yes. I hoard old worn-out denims in a hope to recycle them. Why do you ask?!) So, here is the end result.

I love that I was able to keep the 'Wrangler' tag from the back pocket intact. This must be the simplest thing that I have sewn till date. I wanted to put a flap with magnetic snap for closure. But, I read conflicting reports on using magnets near cellphones. So, I decided to for-go the closure.


So, the Samsung now has a Wrangler of its own! I am now looking around the house for gadgets to dress-up and jean pockets to harvest. :-) Its fun giving a new life to these old garments. I remember my first denim recycle project. My favorite denim tote made out of my most favorite pair of jeans that I stopped fitting into.

Go here  or click on the image of the bag above to read more about this bag project. So, what have you recycled recently? Do you feel good recycling old item? Are you a hoarder like me who keeps these old and worn-out items in a hope of resurrecting them into new life? Share with me in the comments. I would like to hear from the  hoarder recycler in you.

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