Friday, June 3, 2011

Toodle,the turtle!

If you've been around my blog for a while, you might have realized that I've not made a single knitted/crocheted toy till now. These toys are called Amigurumi toys and they are plushies that are knitted or crocheted. I don't know what I have against these Amigurumi creatures but, I never had the inclination to make one for Alvin. But, all this changed when I saw the Amigurumi-Along in the South Asian Crafters group in Ravelry. They are a bunch of evil enablers, y'know! I just couldn't resist the temptation to create an Amigurumi. So, all of you, meet Toodle, the turtle.

He is my first ever Amigurumi toy. I was enthralled by the pattern in his shell and he looked closer to real life so, I decided to make him. I used the regular worsted weight acrylic available locally for making Toodle. I didn't have safety eyes when I made him. So, I used two brown beads I had for his eyes.  I struggled a bit to assemble him as he looked paralyzed and panting in my first attempt at assembling him. But, now he just looks hungry and ready to eat anything that steps in front of him. ;-)  Here he is, trying to race on my balcony wall.

He is an easy guy to make and is easily loved by kids too. Alvin claimed Toodle the instant he saw him. In fact, Alvin was so impatient while I was making Toodle that, every 5 minutes I was asked if the turtle is done. Next time I make something for Alvin, I am going to keep it a secret. At least, I can make the item in peace. ;-) I am happy with the way Toodle turned out although, I don't think I am making another Amigurumi any time soon.

The Ravelry project for Toodle is here: Toodle, the turtle!

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