Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy-peasy lunch bag!

I've been thinking of making a lunch-bag for me to take to work every day since I pack lunch from home. I've been using plastic bags to carry my lunch boxes and I hate it. I hate the rustling sound a plastic bag makes every time its handled. Does anyone else hate this too? Then, an idea struck me to recycle old jeans to make a lunch bag! Remember the Wranglers I sneaked from my Hubster for his cellphone cover from here? I had the entire jeans minus the pockets waiting for recycling. In the end, half of the Wrangler legs became this:

I loosely followed the pattern for Poochie bag from the Happy Zombie. I made my own version of the handles and I am thrilled with the end results. I was lucky I had coordinating lining fabric to go with the jeans. And, I wanted pockets on the outside to put in some change and my cellphone when I go for lunch. The size is perfect for a few Tupperware lunch boxes and a napkin, a perfect lunch set! 

Then I started having fuzzy feelings for the bag, thinking that its too cute to be used as a lunch-bag! It looked so pretty carrying my latest loot of Knitpicks lace yarns! But, nah! I WILL use it as my lunch-bag..and, it will be the most loved lunch-bag in the entire household! ;-)

and here is what is remaining of the Wranglers.. I think I can still get some use out of them.. I have some ideas in mind.. Lets see what the remnants become..

So, tell me what was that you recycled or re-purposed most recently? do you love recycling as much as I do? I get a thrill out of giving a new life to discarded items and jeans are my fave things to recycle. What is your favorite thing to recycle? Leave a comment and let me know.. :-)

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