Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have a rant!

...a rant about stereotypes! Of course, there are stereotypes everywhere in this world..and, we can't escape them. I try my best not to fall into this trap..but, when it is shoved down my throat and I can't escape it, I rant..and, that's what I am doing here.. Feel free to ignore this post if its a touchy subject for you..

Here is what happened.. My son goes to a day-care after school and he enjoys it a lot. He has made a lot of friends there and he has become more social after joining the day-care. We are happy with the facility and most of all, we are happy that Alvin is enjoying his time there. A few weeks back, I got a call from the day-care in-charge saying that I need to provide a 'blue' colored bed-sheet and a 'blue' colored pillow-case for Alvin's nap time. Its pink for girls and blue for boys. The one Alvin uses currently is a pink-colored floral one. I gave it because it was the only one I had to spare.

I was ticked off,mainly because I have to go hunt for blue-colored stuff just because someone else feels the stereotype. C'mon! how traumatized is my kid going to be if he sleeps on a pink-colored bed for an hour a day!?! I wouldn't have minded if the day-care charged me for providing uniform bed-sheets for the kids, whatever color they want it to be. I do not have control over that. But, this just grated on my nerves!

Tell me, how do you deal with stereotypes? Do you tell your kids blue is for boys and pink is for girls or that boys should play with cars and truck and girls should play with plushies and Barbies? Do you consciously avoid stereotypes or you don't care? I am not on a mission to break stereotypes..or create a stereotype-free world for my son. It is just that I have to go buy new stuff just because someone else feels that I have to. Sorry for the rant. I usually don't do this on my blog! I promise I'll be a good girl next time! :P


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