Monday, July 25, 2011

On the bookshelf! - part 2

I talked about my knitting and crochet books on my bookshelf in the previous post in this series. So, this post is about the quilting,sewing and other miscellaneous craft books vying for space in my bookshelf. I've been sewing only since the past year and a half. I was inspired by the various quilting blogs on the interweb and wanted to try sewing and quilting. Then came the sewing machine into my life and the rest, as they say is history! My favorite quilting reference book is the one below. It is a quilting encyclopedia with almost all quilting techniques explained with pictures. This is my go-to book for looking up any technique involved in quilting.

But, my most favorite quilting book that I have is this one. Quick Colorful Quilts! The book is so inspiring that I get an urge to quilt every time I browse through it. Here is the book and a few quilts pictured in the book.

Someday, I'll make a quilt following these patterns.! I have just one sewing pattern book and its for sewing skirts. Just as with knitting, I have a fear of sewing garments. I always worry that I the finished garment might be too small or too big or just be badly fitting. But, skirts are something I am courageous enough to try and they are easy to make too. Here is the book Sew What! Skirts.

I made 2 skirts using patterns from this book and I am glad with the results. The patterns are more like recipes letting you measure yourself and tailor the skirts according to your size and fit. Here is the pattern and the skirt I made.

This skirt is almost worn out now after regular wear. I think its almost time for me to make a few more skirts. :-) I have a few more books to share with you. But, I am going to save it for another post. I didn't think this series will stretch into 3 parts when I started it. I only thought of writing one post on the craft books I have. I guess, I really have too many craft books! But, is there such a thing as too many books?! ;-)

So, tell me about your favorite craft books.. do you have books that inspire you every time you browse them? I'd love to hear from you..

P.S: Thank you for empathizing with my rant in the previous post. We did get a blue-colored bed sheet for Alvin but, didn't tell him why we were getting it. He doesn't have to know,right?


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