Monday, July 4, 2011

Yercaud trip!

I had the craziest week which ended on a wonderfully high note! The seasons are changing in Bangalore and the monsoon season is setting in. Rains, as usual throws my family's health out for a whack! All of us took turns falling sick with sore throat , bad cold and fever! It was crazily chaotic for a few days the past week. My Hubster and I badly wanted a break from the chaos. So, we decided on a trip to Yercaud on the last minute and took off in our car! My SIL's family accompanied us too and the trip was a great success. Here is the proof. Alvin is chasing bubbles in a park here..

Yercaud is about 4 hrs away from Bangalore and its a perfect weekend getaway for Bangaloreans! Right now, its off-season. So, it wasn't as crowded as it is during the summer vacation. There are not many places to see there.. so, it makes for a perfect hill station to relax. The weather was awesome and we went boating in the lake there. Most of all, I had a fun time clicking photos with my new camera. The place is filled with flowers of all kinds. So, I went a bit trigger-happy with my new Nikon Coolpix.  Here are a few pics that I took.

Did I tell you that I am in love with the Macro mode in my camera?! I am yet to explore all the features in the camera..but, I did abuse use the macro mode heavily during the trip.. I even caught a butterfly and another insect in close-up..

Cool,huh?! I came back with loads of photos..but, I think you'll be bored to death if I were to show it all in one go. So, expect to see random pictures of flowers in close quarters for the next few weeks, alright? All I can say is, You've been warned!!

So, how was your weekend? I know the guys from the U.S are having a long Fourth of July weekend.Enjoy the fireworks, y'all and be safe. Hope everyone's weekend was and is as much fun as mine was!


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