Friday, September 9, 2011

Dizzy from spinning!

I've taken a sudden and fierce obsession with spinning.. No! not the kind that has you pedaling a stationary cycle so that you lose the inches you've been fighting forever! The kind where you spin animal fiber on a spindle to make yarn.. I had posted about my progress on the the dyed fiber that came in the beginner spinning kit here. I finally finished spinning and plying the fiber and this is the yarn I made out of it.. My first official skein of yarn!

I got approx 150 yards out of 4 ounces of fiber. The yarn is very inconsistent and the thickness of the yarn varies from lace-weight to bulky-weight. :D it has a rustic feel to it and its far from what I aimed to spin.. Ah well! Its my first attempt and I have to begin somewhere,right?! 

I am planning on making finger-less mitts out of this yarn.. plain stockinette show off the yarn.. because, this yarn really can't show off any pattern! ;-) My spinning skills improved considerably as I came to the end of the 4 ounce fiber supply.  The difference is clearly seen in the pic below..

The strand in the left look so much even and consistent that the strands in the right.. and, I ran out of fiber right when I was getting the hang of the techniques. sigh But, the mailman came with a package from Woolgatherings with the fiber I had ordered.. so, it was all good in the end.. I had ordered 100% BFL fiber to move on from the beginner fiber I got with the beginner spindle kit.. I've started spinning it too. More on that in another post.. :-)

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