Friday, September 16, 2011

Mug rug mania!

I just realized that I totally forgot to share with you guys about a quilted mug rug swap that I took part in Ravelry recently. Quilted mug rugs are an easy way to try various quilting techniques on a small scale.. The swap came with a challenge where your swap partner has to make a mug rug by interpreting the challenge you have thrown and its a secret swap. so, till you receive your swap package.. you won't know who has made the mug rug for you.. I rarely sign up for swaps but, this one was tempting, I jumped in. The swap came to an end in packages were lost and everything went well. Now that the swap is over, I can show you what I sent and what I received. First let me show you what I received from Ann all the way from Ontario,Canada. The challenge/theme I gave was Ocean and here is her interpretation..

The blue fabric has sea weeds in it and the green fabric had sea turtles in printed on it,.. the white lace trimmings stand for the waves and foam..and, the yellow fabric stands for sandy beaches.. I got my own piece of the beach side in my mug rug. The best part is, I have matching china to go with the mug rug and it was put to use right away. :-)

hmm.. I love me some choco-chip cookies! Who doesn't?!  Thank you so much, Ann for this gorgeous mug rug. I'll treasure it and use it for my coffee-and-cookie breaks. :-) My swap partner in the other half of the transaction was Alexis from Materials and Method. She is an experienced quilter and I was a bit stumped by what to make for her. My challenge was 'rule-breaking' piecing. After a lot of head-scratching.. I settled on a mug rug that involves curved piecing. I've never attempted curved piecing and decided to challenge myself to try this technique.. here is the mug rug I sent her..

The pattern is called playful pinwheels and is available here. And, I tried my hand at free-motion quilting with my newly acquired darning/quilting foot. I must say that between the curved piecing and free-motion quilting, my seam ripper and I became BFFs. ;-) I added some Chumbak goodies to go with the package and here is what I sent to Alexis. Thank you Alexis for sharing this pic with me. (The doofus that I am, I forgot to click a pic of the package before mailing it)

                                                                  © Alexis

I am glad that all the packages were received safely and on time. All in all, it was a fun swap to participate in. Have you participated in swaps? if so, what was your memorable swap and why? Share with me as I would love to hear from you.

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