Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shrek in the swamp!

Wondering what the title of the post means?? That's the name I've named the colorway of the fiber I'm spinning currently. After finishing up with the fiber in the spindle kit, I had to buy some more to feed my fiber addiction. I turn to Etsy for all my online craft shopping. So, naturally I browsed ogled at all the lovely fiber available for sale there and ended up buying some from Woolgatherings. Its 100% BFL fiber which was suggested as a good fiber for a beginner to work with. BFL stands for Blue Faced Leicester, a kind of sheep. Here is the fiber I bought..

It has various shades of  green with bits of gray interspersed. So, the name "Shrek in the swamp!" I have ordered some light weight spindles for spinning finer yarns. I couldn't wait for the spindles to arrive. So, I started spinning this fiber on my beginner spindle that came in the kit.. Patience is not my best trait ;-) Here is the fiber on the spindle..

Doesn't it look 'Oh so purrty' sitting there in the bowl?? These days, I am spinning in every possible moment I get.. Its so easy to stop and much better than knitting/crochet.. no need to scratch your head to find your place in the pattern and I can walk around while I spin. Alvin loves to give the spindle a spin while I'm drafting and is always saying "" while I am spinning.

I have spun about 2 ounces of this yarn and I have about 6 more to go. Did I tell you that I bought 8 ounces of this fiber? I wanted to have enough yarn for a BIG project out of it.. And, I have started plain finger-less mitts out of my first skein of yarn..but, I do not have any pics of the progress yet. I am working on a lace scarf that I am test knitting for Uma from Ravelry. Its a lovely pattern but, needs some serious concentration from my side. Its been so long since I made knitted a lace project.. I hope to made some good progress on this scarf this week.

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