Friday, October 7, 2011

First attempt at Navajo plying on a spindle

I'd heard so much about this technique that I was intimidated by it and almost didn't want to try it. Navajo plying on a drop spindle! Well, I tried it and its very easy. Its so easy that I can do it on auto-pilot mode now. I referred to a few videos and read about it on Abby Franquemont's book, Respect the spindle. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn to spin on the spindle. Its very comprehensive and lucid which makes it  a wonderful reference book for beginner and experience spindlers alike. And, it has photos of gorgeous spindles to fuel your spindle addiction.

 Remember the half ounce BFL samples in pink and blue that I got with my spindle purchase from Babknits @ Etsy. I decided to try my hand at Navajo plying or chain plying on a drop spindle with those samples. I love the small amounts of fiber samples that come with spindle purchases. They let you try new techniques on a small scale just like the quilted mug rugs.

So, I spun the singles on the blue wooden spindle and plied it on the same.. The best thing about Navajo plying is the less amount of yarn wrangling needed for plying. Make a simple plying ball or wind off the spindle directly to Navajo-ply the yarn. This technique is easier if you know how to make a foundation chain in crochet. I am planning on a photo tutorial for this technique.. I hope to get it done over the weekend. :-) So, do you want to see what this fiber became after the spinning and plying? Here it is..

I got about 65 yards of fingering weight yarn in each skein. I love the way the colors have shown up in the plied yarn. Navajo-plying preserves the color progression in the dyed fiber, which I love so much. I am planning to make a double knitting sample out of the two skeins.

But, these days.. I am more interested in making yarn than knitting anything out of it. ;-) I am thrilled with how my first attempt at Navajo plying on the spindle turned out. I've started N-plying my Shrek in the Swamp singles too and I'm liking the way its turning out. But, that's a post for another day.


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