Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm ready to paint the town red!

...with my shiny new bag! The bag that I showed in progress in my last post is done and I am thrilled with how it turned out. I bought the wooden bag handles on a whim and never gave them a second thought after that. So, when I finally wanted to use them, I was stumped by the shape of the handles. I've seen many bags in stores with such handles..but, never paid much attention to them.. so, I couldn't recollect them to reverse engineer their shapes. Finally, my google-fu brought this cute bag up from Flickr and I liked the look of it.

So, here is my interpretation of a simple rectangular bag with oval wooden bag handles. I didn't stick to any strict measurements. I made the bag roughly about 12 inches tall and 13 inches wide. The outer fabric is printed linen quilted onto plain flannel with diagonal lines. Pssshh! Don't look so closely. The lines aren't straight! ;-) I love how the handles go with the outer fabric.

I love the cheerful print and I was lucky I had all the items in my stash. The lining fabric is a simple cotton print and I had matching zippers too. As usual, I put in 2 zippered inner pockets using this tutorial from U-Handblog. I added magnetic clasps on a tag for the bag closure. Here is the close-up of the inner pocket and the magnetic snaps.

I am glad the body of the bag came out proportional to the handles. Its very handy and holds all my usual stuff without being bulky. The inner pockets are an added bonus. This is now my most favorite bag in my collection. Here I am , ready to paint the town red, with my shiny new bag!

I didn't think the bag will turn out so, I am tickled pink with it and, it only took me about 3 hrs to make it.. of course, with a zillion interruptions from my son. So, what did you make recently that you were very thrilled about? Care to share the excitement with me?


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