Friday, October 14, 2011

Shrek in the swamp - Done!

If you've been following my blog o'er the past few weeks, you would've seen umpteen updates about Shrek in the swamp.. The yarn is finally done and I am happy with it. I got about 360 yards of fingering to dk-weight yarn. So, the fluff went from this..

to this..

I switched spindles in between the spinning..which turned out to be a rookie mistake. The consistency of the singles changed resulting in the variation from dk-weight to fingering weight. I Navajo-plied the singles to preserve the color changes in them..

I love this technique of plying so it uses up all the singles without any remnants and the color changes are preserved. I did write a photo tutorial on how to Navajo-plying on a drop spindle. Do check it out if you plan to try this technique of plying on a spindle. Here is 2 ounces of the yarn N-plied on my 3G Woodworks spindle before the twist was set.

Here is the yarn on my 1-yard niddy-noddy. I love winding yarn on the niddy-noddy.. Its almost a form of meditation..

I've started a scarf with this yarn..but, I'll tell more about it in another post. Hope you all had a lovely week and hope your weekend is a fun one.


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