Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spindle acquisition!

I am almost done with 4 ounces of my Shrek in the swamp BFL fiber... I can't wait to finish spinning it so that I can start plying it. I've conquered the Navajo-plying technique and will use it to ply this one as well.. Here is what is remaining to be spun..

Do you recognize the WIP's living quarters? Its my up-cycled shoe-box that I use as a WIP box and it matches this spinning project. :D The spindle is my most recent acquisition from 3GWOODWORKS. Its a 0.77oz Lacewood whorl-Walnut shaft spindle and it spins like a dream..

I bought 2 spindles from them and I've only used this one. The other one was bought on a whim and I'm not sure if I'll ever use it.. I must have been out of my mind when I ordered it as its so tiny.. Here is a pic of the tiny spindle with my cellphone for comparison.

and. the gorgeous lace wood/walnut spindle..

I dropped this one hard on the floor while spinning and kinda loosened the hook. I had to do a minor surgery on it to repair it.. Its alright now..but, the incident has made me scared of dropping the spindles frequently. Also, I think I need to stop buying spindles and buy more fiber instead. After all, what use are these spindles if there is no fiber to use them on?! Any one else go on irrational buying sprees for your hobbies, like me?!!


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