Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP roundup!

Its Wednesday and time for the weekly WIP roundup. I have a few active WIPs that I am excited about. After a brief hiatus from sewing, I am back at my sewing machine to make bags. I got these wooden bag handles from a supplier a few months back but, never bothered with them till date. I got my spindle spinning kit around the same time I got these handles and the handles were easily forgotten. After 2 months of exclusively spinning, I was itching to make bags. I raided my fabric stash yesterday and re-discovered some printed linen that I got while I was in Hyderabad. So, the fabric and the handles are on their way to make a new bag.

I have put in 2 inner pockets with zipper closures and plan to put in a magnetic snap for the bag closure.I like my bags to have secure closures. I was lucky I had zippers that match the lining fabric. The lining is a simple cotton print I had that complimented the outer fabric.

I designed the bag on the go. I got the idea for the shape from this cute bag I saw on Flickr. I drew the pattern on a newspaper and used the newspaper template to cut the fabric. I love the outer fabric. It is so cheerful. The only thing pending now are the handles. Here is the body of the bag waiting for the handles.

Moving on to the spinning front.. I got some Polwarth fiber from Woolgatherings recently and I am spinning it on my Spinzone spindle. The spindle is a beauty and spins nicely with perfect balance. It came with a triangular hook and I wasn't comfortable spinning with it. So, I tweaked the hook and now, its perfect for me. Here is the spindle with the fiber on it.

Polwarth is lovely to spin and I am trying fractal spinning with this braid. Fractal spinning is one where the entire braid is separated lengthwise into thinner locks and spun from. When plied, this results in preserving color changes to a certain extent and the color changes blend in otherwise. Lets see how this goes. Here is the braid of fiber before I started spinning from it.

Moving on to some knitting.. here is the progress on the scarf I started with my handspun Shrek-in-the-swamp yarn. I started the lengthwise linen stitch scarf that is available in many versions online. I love seeing the color changes in the scarf and its my travel knitting projects as its mindless and easy. I'm about 30% done with the scarf.

The pink yarn around the edges is the provisional cast on. I'll unravel it and bind off the edge using the same bind-off used for the other edge. I haven't decided on the bind-off yet. Here is a close-up of the scarf.

Phew! That was a LONG post, wasn't it?! That is what happens when you have too many things going on at the same time. So, tell me what are you busy with now? knitting? crochet? spinning? sewing? Share with me and make me feel better about the zillion WIPs lounging in my home.


This post is linked to WIP Wednesday hosted by Tami's Amis.

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