Thursday, November 3, 2011

An impromptu picnic to Ranganathittu!

Tuesday was a holiday for all of us on account of Karnataka Rajyotsava and we decided to go on a day-long trip to Ranganathittu - a bird sanctuary 125kms off Bangalore. We went with my SIL's family and it was a FUN day and a much needed break for all of us. The weather was AWESOME and stayed the same till we returned. The sky was a gorgeous blue and was dotted with fluffy clouds.

We only spotted pelicans as this isn't the right season for the migratory birds. Apparently, January - March is the right time to visit this place. But, the highlight of the day was the crocodiles we encountered during our boat ride. Of course, we were all a bit scared at first. But, seeing them docile and minding their own business, we relaxed. Then, it became fun to spot a croc that was camouflaged with the surroundings.

We were told that the crocs don't disturb us unless provoked. Our boat never ventured very close to the crocs. For the first time after getting my camera in June, I appreciated the 21X zoom capability available in it. :D Thank God they invented the zoom! ;-) We saw a total of 6 (I think!) crocodiles. Some were swimming in the lake and some were lounging in the islands on the lake. Like this guy..

I wondered who feeds these crocs or what they feed on! Not a good thought while still on the boat, I must say. I can now proudly put this day on my resume as the most adventurous I've ever been. Never thought I'll venture into a place with free-roaming crocs. Eeek!

This little guy had a lot of fun  as he had his cousin to goof around with.

For those who guessed it was a necklace on my last post, you were all right! On the way to Ranganathittu, we crossed a place called Channapatna known for wooden toys and items. Its a heaven for the inner child in you. So many colorful toys in cheerful colors. That is where I got the necklace. Its made up of colorful wooden beads and its so LONG that I can double it up and wear around my neck. Here it is on me. I'm wearing my High tides scarf too. :-)

From Ranganathittu, we headed onto Mysore to visit the zoo. I'll share photos from the zoo in another post. :-) What is the most adventurous you have been with nature? met a lion in its den? petted a crocodile? swam with the sharks? Share with me your most adventurous encounter in the wild..


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