Monday, November 7, 2011

Onto the Mysore Zoo now!

From Ranganathittu, we went to Mysore which was just 30kms from there. We've been to Mysore quite a few times now but, never visited the zoo till date. The zoo has a perimeter of 3 kms and we entered it right about lunch time before having lunch. Big mistake! You can't walk around a zoo with a hungry stomach.. Feed your tummy and then enter the zoo! Otherwise, you'll be dealing with a rumbling tummy and impatient kids! We saw this lovely installation at the entrance to the zoo...

The giraffe enclosure was at the entrance and we got to see the giraffes even without entering the zoo. A few giraffes were sitting on the ground so still that I mistook them for giraffe statues. ;-) They were so still and stationary that it took me a while to spot any movement in them and realize that they were real live giraffes. Here is the giraffe statue that I am talking about.

We did get close to them. There were 5 giraffes in total in the enclosure and they indulged us by coming close to the edge of the enclosure and giving us a closer look. I guess they are used to the visiting Homo Sapiens! See the lazy 'statue' Giraffe in the background?

We saw quite a few birds in their enclosures.. parakeets, lorikeets, flamingos, peafowl. I couldn't get good photos of them. But, here is a back shot of a gorgeous peacock that I snapped..

There were many tigers in enclosures. There was a cage with a lovely white tiger and 2 Bengal tiger cubs. The cubs were very playful roughing each other  up and running around the enclosure. It was a lovely thing to watch. Here is another white tiger we saw in a different enclosure.

Too bad, I couldn't get any of them to pose for me! ;-) We saw a few Emus and here is a romantic emu couple coochie-cooing. ;-)

All in all, it was a fun and relaxing day spent with the family and we hope to do it regularly in the coming days. One does need a fun break once in a way, don't we?! When was the last time you went on a fun trip and where to?


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