Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like...

...Christmas!! Yes. Christmas season is in full swing and this year we have a tree at our home. This is our 6th year as a family and we have never had a tree. But, this year.. my Dad who was visiting us last week insisted that we put one up.. so, we got a tree.. of course, its a fake tree. :D

Since there was no plan for a tree, I didn't make any ornaments for the tree either. So, all the ornaments on it are store-bought ones. There is a cute snowman ornament on the tree which is my favorite. The snowman looks so cozy in his knitted hat and scarf. :-)

I love the lights on the tree.. I had these lights with me for a long time and they finally found their use.

On other news, I have another sweater in progress. Looks like I'm on a sweater kick. Here is the progress so far..

I lurve stockinette stitch. I love the smooth simplicity of it. So, this pattern appealed to me the moment I saw it. Decided to work in stripes to keep it interesting. I love the colors.. its bright and cheerful. I'm working on this in every spare moment I, its going real fast. :-) and, given my love for stockinette stitch, this is unputdownable. ;-)

What is your unputdownable project? Is it a shawl? a sweater? a scarf? What pattern is it? Give me all the gossip you got.. ;-) I'm all ears.


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