Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shapely stripes progress!

This might be the last WIP update in this year as I'll be busy between Christmas and New Year. Lotsa yummy food to eat, meeting friends and family, our wedding anniversary falls between Christmas and New Year and its our 6th one this year. So, Christmas season is a special time for our family and I always look forward to the busy holiday season every year. Anyways, I digress.. I'm making good progress on my Shapely Stripes sweater.. I'm done knitting the body of the sweater and have started the sleeves. Here is a shot of the sweater before I started the sleeves.

I have a feeling that the sweater is a tad too long for my taste as I'm sure it will grow a few inches during blocking. I'm planning to block the sweater before starting the ribbing neck and button band to see if I like the length. If I don't, I'll take out two stripes to reduce the length.

I also have an ambitious plan to add a hood to this sweater. The only problem is I'm not sure I have enough yarn for that. I'll let you in on another secret too. ;-) The orange yarn came from this project. I frogged(unraveled) the Clapotis stole I knit in the orange yarn as the stole wasn't getting used and was sitting idle in my closet. So, I salvaged the yarn from the stole and am using it for this sweater. Makes me doubly glad while knitting this sweater. :-) Here is the Clapotis stole that is no more existent. ;-)

The sleeves are going a bit slow as I'm using magic-loop technique (video link) and the yarn-wrangling and needle maneuvers make it go very slow. Its my first time with magic-loop and I realized that I like this technique better than using DPNs (video link). I'm kicking myself for not trying this technique before. I used to love working on DPNs but now, I'm a convert to magic-looping.

Isn't it a nice feeling to learn a new technique that makes your life a bit easier? What technique did you learn that liberated you from a difficult one? magic-looping? reverse knitting for entrelac? Learning Continental or English style to make color-knitting easier? Let me in on your secret technique. I promise I'll keep it a secret! ;-)


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  1. Oh dear. I haven't got a clue what any of those are. Looks like I've got a lot to learn. :(


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