Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Soul Sante!

Its a flea market filled with handicraft items made by independent designers and hobbyists , yummy food and good music! Its my first time visiting the Sante and I loved it.. more so because a few of my RavFriends had their stalls this time. :-) Its always fun to meet your friends and the setting was just right to meet them. Here are a few pics from the Fete. This is going to be an image-heavy post! You've been warned. 

Some quirky planters for the garden..

Scented candles..

Some lovely painting for sale..

Quirky bottles flattened as vases.. I wonder how they flattened those glass bottles.

A pencil sketch..

Some tie-dyed tees!

Funky vases..

Here are my friends at their booth.. Saritha, Tanu and Sanhita. :-) Hope you had a fun day too, ladies!

And, here is Alvin munching on popcorn..

There were puppies for adoption too..

Here is my loot from the day.. A lovely pair of Christmas ornaments from Rainbow Bunting by Saritha. The other pair is hanging elsewhere in my home.

A canvas grocery tote from KaraaShilp by Tanu. I love the print on it and the flower on the tote is crocheted from plarn. :-)

Lovely work, ladies! Keep it going!


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