Tuesday, June 28, 2011

High Tides!

High Tides! It is my third scarf design and I am thrilled to introduce the design to you guys. This scarf design has been in the process since April and I am excited to finally release the pattern after a round of test-knitting. High tides is a reversible garter scarf based on the sea-foam stitch pattern. The scarf is knit on the bias and then blocked into a rectangular shape. The pattern can be easily customized to get a scarf of your desired length and width.

Since the scarf is garter based, it doesn't curl and the best part is , its reversible.. so, you can toss it around your neck and forget about it.. :-) I used a skein of Opal Speckles by Zwerger Garn and I got a 90 inch long scarf(which is too long IMO). The yarn was a gift from Rima from YarnyDays

The pattern is available in written format only. I do have a chart that I charted by hand. But, creating the chart in MS Excel or Inkscape turned out to be very tedious and I couldn't create a decent image that I could insert into the pattern PDF. So, I gave up charting this pattern. sigh 

Its an easy pattern for experienced knitters and a fun pattern for beginners and advanced beginners too. The stitch pattern is very easy to memorize and once you get the hang of the pattern, it goes smoothly like a meditation.. This scarf makes for an excellent project for travel-knitting or TV-knitting. :-)

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download. So, click on the images in this post or go to the Free Patterns tab at the top of this page to download the pattern . Make a scarf or a shawl with this versatile pattern. I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern as much as I had fun creating it. If you do so, please don't forget to share the pics.. :-)

Here are my project stats:
Pattern: High Tides by Jocelyn P Prasad
Yarn: Opal Speckles by Zwerger Garn
Needle: US 6 or 4mm
Ravelry project page: High tides!

I would like to thank my test-knitters Annika, Dianne , Lynda , Abby, Rachel, Miriel, Akshata, Denise, Tiffany , Christina for combing out the errors and typos in the pattern and giving me great feedback on the pattern. You guys are the best! :-)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Skirting around!

I had two sarong-style wraps sitting in my closet for more than 3 years. I bought them because I loved the fabric and they were 'wrapping' me perfectly fine. I wore them very few times and then, they went to hibernate in the innards of my closet. A recent rummaging of my closet brought them out of their hibernation and I tried them on to check if they still fit me! Alas! They wouldn't 'wrap' around my horizontally challenged physique. ;-) Then came the idea to convert them into skirts.. I have this almost-prepared rectangular piece of fabric with ready-made ties.. All I had to do was to sew the edges together to make a skirt.. Ain't I smart?!

I left an 8-inch slit on the side before seaming the two edges. I had to sew in darts at the back to make leeway for my derriere. ;-) But, it all worked out fine in the end and I am in love with the skirts. Here is a peak at the side-slit..

Here is the second skirt.. This fabric had a lovely border in the wrap and, sadly I had to chop it off to reduce it to skirt-length. Nevertheless, I am in love with this too.. The best part of making these skirts was that I made these two in under 30 mins as the fabric was already 'prepared'!

And, just because I couldn't get enough of the skirts.. here is one more pic...

I have to mention my Hubster here. It was my birthday on Monday and I had a lovely day, many thanks to my Hubster. We both took an off from work.. went for a movie and dinner. The highlight of the day was this gift from my guy..

A Nikon Coolpix L120! My older Sony Cybershot was becoming ancient and I wanted a replacement for that. So, Arun gave me an option to pick a camera or a smartphone for my birthday gift. After much debate, I decided to go for the camera.. A smartphone can wait for the moment, I guess. Thank you, Arun for the gift. You are the best!

I am having a fun week and I hope you are too..


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sewing up a storm!

Yes. That's what I've been doing these days. I started a scrappy quilt for my bed. I wanted to learn foundation  paper-piecing for making quilt tops and zeroed-in on diagonal stripes quilt block pattern to learn foundation paper- piecing. This is a perfect pattern for a scrappy quilt and I decided to use up almost all the fabrics from my stash. I've been having the same fabric stash for more than a year and I am tired of looking at the same fabric all.the.time. So, my aim is to use up all the fabrics I have at the moment and then go fabric-shopping with a fresh mind. ;-) I am selecting fabrics at random to make the block. I only hope they look good in the finished quilt. Here are the blocks I have made so far..

I have made about 18 blocks and I have about another 100 more to go. Did I tell you that I have a queen-size bed and a quilt for that will measure approx 90 X 90 inches? So, it will be another decade a few months before this quilt will be complete. But, I will conquer this quilt, I swear! There are many videos on foundation paper piecing on youtube and I referred to this one to learn the technique.

I got a quilting foot for my sewing machine and it was fun to try free motion quilting or stippling as they call it. My practice pieces came a bit wonky but, I enjoyed making squiggly lines using the quilting foot. And, there is a very useful tutorial on free-motion quilting or stippling on the Oh! Fransson blog. Here is a close-up of my  initial attempts at stippling..

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIP Buffy.

Its a sad day in my family today. My in-laws lost their dog,Buffy today. She was almost 6 months old. It was all so sudden. She developed high fever last night and today, she is gone. sigh She was a good dog.. very playful. She loved to play fetch and lived for belly-rubs. She will be missed a lot by all of us.

RIP Buffy. You were a good dog and you will be missed.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award!

My blog has been awarded the "Kreativ Blogger Award" by Saritha from Hooks,Needles and Me blog. This is the first time any one has awarded my blog. So, this one is special. Thank you,Saritha for thinking of my blog and me.

I have to say a few facts about myself and pass this award to a few creative blogs I love. Its easy-peasy ,right?! Only, I have a ton of blogs that I read and I am racking my brains for a few facts about me to share with y'all. so, here we go.. a few things about me..

  • I love the tender-coconut flavored ice cream from Natural Icecream. Thank you Lavanya for introducing me to this brand. My entire household is addicted to this now. 
  • I love cloud watching. I look for shapes and figures in the clouds I see. I feel very light and happy when I am cloud watching.
  • I love reading blogs especially quilting and sewing blogs. 
  • I dream of having a dog for a pet. But, right now, I have too much on my plate to include a dog in our lives.
  • Although I have a Driver's License, I am not very good at driving a car.  I am more comfortable on my Honda Activa. But, I dream of driving on my own.. some day, I'll do that.
  • My current obsession is bangles. I am on a bangle-buying spree. Some day, I will give you a sneak peak at my bangle collection.
I think, I have rambled enough about myself. So now, its time to pass on this award to a few blogs I love. I pass this award on to 

Preeti from Rambling Roses
Pearlin from Knottyville
Pradeepa from The Lazy Hobbyhopper
Helena from Ignorant Bliss
Uncia from Lime Scented

Do visit these blogs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Toodle,the turtle!

If you've been around my blog for a while, you might have realized that I've not made a single knitted/crocheted toy till now. These toys are called Amigurumi toys and they are plushies that are knitted or crocheted. I don't know what I have against these Amigurumi creatures but, I never had the inclination to make one for Alvin. But, all this changed when I saw the Amigurumi-Along in the South Asian Crafters group in Ravelry. They are a bunch of evil enablers, y'know! I just couldn't resist the temptation to create an Amigurumi. So, all of you, meet Toodle, the turtle.

He is my first ever Amigurumi toy. I was enthralled by the pattern in his shell and he looked closer to real life so, I decided to make him. I used the regular worsted weight acrylic available locally for making Toodle. I didn't have safety eyes when I made him. So, I used two brown beads I had for his eyes.  I struggled a bit to assemble him as he looked paralyzed and panting in my first attempt at assembling him. But, now he just looks hungry and ready to eat anything that steps in front of him. ;-)  Here he is, trying to race on my balcony wall.

He is an easy guy to make and is easily loved by kids too. Alvin claimed Toodle the instant he saw him. In fact, Alvin was so impatient while I was making Toodle that, every 5 minutes I was asked if the turtle is done. Next time I make something for Alvin, I am going to keep it a secret. At least, I can make the item in peace. ;-) I am happy with the way Toodle turned out although, I don't think I am making another Amigurumi any time soon.

The Ravelry project for Toodle is here: Toodle, the turtle!

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