Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Birthday Swap!

Did I tell you that I'm participating in a Birthday Gift Swap in the SAARC group on Ravelry? Its positively a fun swap.. Almost 20 of us are participating in it and it runs through the year, although the sign-ups are closed now. Everyone gets a gift package on their birthday from the other swappers consisting of 3 items.. one handmade item, one store-bought item and one item that represents where you live or where you are from. Interesting, isn't it?! I can't wait for my birthday in June. ;-)

The Jan-Babies(Babes!) are Sanhita and Viraja. Both of them are experts in so many crafts and I was stumped by what to make for them. After much deliberation, I decided to make a notions pouch for Viraja. Instead of making a simple rectangular zippered pouch, I decided to make a curved zippered one using Keyka Lou's tutorial. The place-specific gift is a shell with her name written on it. I'm from the southern most part of India and there are beaches all around us. The shell represents my town known for the beaches. Here are the goodies I sent to Viraja.

For Sanhita, I made an embroidered wall hanging. I just started with the 'Love in the middle' motif without much thought..but, everything fell into place in the end for this project. I got the right paint for the hoop and I love the final product so much so that I want to make another one for my home. Here are the goodies I sent to Sanhita.

I'm having fun making stuff for my crafty friends..and, I'm sure its going to be a fun year of swaps! Have you participated in swaps? If so, what is the most fun package you received? I'd like to hear about your swap experiences..


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