Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stripes and spots quilt - progress!

I've made good progress on the Stripes and spots quilt this week.  So much so that I'm done with the quilt top. Yaayyy! Its a humongous quilt and I'm starting to get worried if I've bitten more than I can chew. My first and only quilt till date was made in 2009. So, my quilting skills are more than rusty. I really really hope I don't mess this one up. Here is the top spread on my bed it is being made for.

I made the binding from the flowery fabric and I had just enough of the fabric to make the binding. There goes my plan to make matching pillows for the quilt. sigh Here is the roll of binding..

I'm planning to use one of those cheap polyester fleece blanket that are abound everywhere here. We do not get 100% cotton batting in India. So, we have to improvise. For my first quilt, I used cotton flannel in natural color. I do not have enough of that in my stash to use for this quilt. So, I decided to use a fleece blanket instead. Here is the one I chose for the batting.. Couldn't find a piece in white or off-white color. oh well! Doesn't matter, I guess.

and, here is the fabric I chose for the backing. I didn't have a coordinating fabric in enough quantities for the backing. So, I had to go fabric shopping and I found this pretty gingham fabric in similar colors. I'm hoping that its works well in the quilt.

Now, all I need is a day for myself with less or even better, no interruptions to quilt this one. I think I should move my sewing m/c to my dining table as my sewing area at the moment can't handle such a big quilt. I'm debating between free motion quilting(FMQ) and stitch in the ditch quilting. I'm not much experienced in FMQ but, I like the look of it. What do you suggest? FMQ or stitch in the ditch quilting? Help me decide, pls.


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