Friday, February 17, 2012

Earrings storage and display stand!

This is a FO of a different kind because it doesn't fit into my usual crafts.. Remember ages ago, I told you about my weakness for earrings. This has something to do with it. I love earrings.. earrings that dangle as the post-style earrings don't suit my face. I've been collecting earrings since my college days. So, after years of collecting them, I ended up with a storage problem. I used to store them in tiny ziploc pouches and it became  the shabbily organized part of my dresser table. So, after browsing online for storage ideas for jewelry, I made my own..

Here is how it went.. I found an old showpiece that was gathering dust in a corner in my home. I removed the frame around it. So, I got a frame.

Then I got a piece of  steel mesh and nailed the mesh behind the frame. You can find this mesh in any hardware store.

Tada! The earring storage and display stand is ready. Don't believe me?! See it for yourself..

This works only for hook-style earrings. So, this is only half of my earring collection. I need to find a way to store and  display my hoop and ring-style earrings. I see lotsa empty spaces in this stand. Time to go earring shopping, I guess. ;-) I have some earrings that are about 10yrs old in this collection. The best part of my day when getting ready to work is picking out a pair of earrings to go with my dress.  :-)

Yes. That's an obscene amount of earrings(C'mon! Everyone has a dark side to them, don't they?!) but, I simply can't resist the charm of a pair of lovely earrings. They don't cost so much and they are an easy way to cheer up your face without makeup. At least that's my argument and I stand by it. ;-) So, tell me what do you collect? ceramic figurines? whimsical salt and pepper shakers? earrings and bangles? Share your stories and make me feel better, please..


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