Monday, February 13, 2012

Eternal Love!

As I told you earlier, I'm in the mood for 'lurve' this Valentine season! Since I have 2 men in my life, finding nice gifts for them becomes doubly challenging. Just when I was going bonkers coming  up with something for them, I came across a design from Urban Threads that appealed to me a lot, something that could work on men! ;-) I embroidered it on a plain tee I got for Alvin and its a perfect Valentine for him. :-)

If you can't make out what the design says, it says: eternal  love. Cheesy,huh?! Alvin was so proud to wear it to school today. Its Rainbow Day at school for him today and he was supposed to go in one of the rainbow colors and this tee was just perfect! Here is he today morning..

I so want to embroider this on one of my hubster's shirts. But, I don't think the grown-up baby will want it on his tee. ;-) Here is a close-up of the design.

So, Alvin is my Valentine this year. I think I'm celebrating Valentine's day after so many years.. I remember going all gung-ho about it in college days. Those days!  Are you celebrating Feb 14th this year? If so, who is your Valentine? Are you making anything special for them? Share your stories with me..


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