Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

Feb 29th! A day that appears by magic every 4 years! To all those who were born on this day, may you have a whale of a time celebrating this special day! For the others,lets have a happy Wednesday! :-) My hobby life is going great.. I learnt a new craft over the weekend! Macrame! For many, this might be their oldest hobby..but, I heard of this only recently. (as if I need any more hobbies!) I saw many pins on macrame in Pinterest. My trusty RavFriends at the South Asian Crafters group on Ravelry are wonderful enablers.. so, a macrame-along was started and all those who were interested joined in.. Here is my first attempt at macrame.

I used the thread and beads I had in hand and referred to this tutorial.This one has been gifted to my colleague/friend's daughter. I was told that the lil one liked the bracelet a lot. :-) Motivated by the outcome, I had to try other pins I had pinned on macrame. It finally felt like the hours of pinning on Pinterest finally paid off. ;-) This pin inspired me to dress up a few drab bangles I had with macrame. Here are the results.

Then I went bead-shopping and came back with a truck-load lots of beads. So, I naturally had to make a few more bracelets. Here are they..

My favorite is the pink and purple one..

I didn't follow any pattern for these bracelets. For the bangles, I made a bunch of square knots with beads at regular intervals. For the bangle make-over, I made double hitches in two colors. Here is the purple one on my wrist.

I'm still working on some embroidery samplers. The soft kitty sampler is done. I'm itching to start something lacy in knitting. I don't remember the last time I knit lace. So, I'll be casting on for a lace shawl soon. Tell me what are you working on..


P.S: Thank you all for the crochet love for my previous post. I wasn't able to reply to your comments as last week was a bit hectic with the lil guy down with a bad throat. He is alright now. :-)

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